Craniosacral Therapy Part II: The Process**-From Chaos to Wonderment

I had the opportunity to attend an intensive craniosacral therapy program last week in Truth or Consequences, NM.  This intensive is one of many week-long programs hosted by Integrative Intentions, a unique organization that offers therapy programs that combines craniosacral therapy with group dynamics, water therapy, and equine therapy.

One morning, in our daily group meeting, the concept of transitioning from chaos to wonderment came up.  This concept became a theme for the group over the course of the next few days.  As these things often happen, I began to come across this concept in books and conversations.

Often in craniosacral therapy, there is a time when disorganization or chaos becomes a necessary state for healing to occur.  Over the course of life, we become organized in ways that become normal to us, but that are often no longer functional or relevant.  To allow for new perspective, new beliefs, new ways of being to emerge, chaos or confusion often comes first.  Don’t be alarmed!  This is normal!  What a relief, right?  Confusion is NORMAL!!

Movement from Chaos to Wonderment

So how does this movement occur?  This movement into chaos, the acceptance of the chaos, and then movement into wonderment.  I think this is an individual process, but what I am coming to learn is that it can be trusted.  When chaos (or confusion arises) it is never a permanent state.  There is always the option to embrace old habits.  But, the power in chaos is that there is also the choice to move into a new way of being.  What are your initial body reactions to chaos?  Are you noticing chaos anywhere in your life?  Are you trying to hold back chaos in your life?  What would it be like to release that hold?  What comes after chaos?

I looked up wonderment in the dictionary and came across the following definitions:

WONDERMENT: a state of awed admiration or respect

WONDERMENT: a feeling of being surprised or amazed

**I am adding onto my original post about the process of craniosacral therapy.  If you haven’t checked out the first post, you can find it here.