Supporting Your Cycle with Seed Cycling

In honor of this new moon (or dark moon), I am writing a post about a practice called Seed Cycling.  But first, a little back story on the connection of a woman’s cycle to the phases of the moon…

Women and The Moon

Many cultures have recognized the relationship between women’s cycles and the cycles of the moon.  The moon cycles from new moon (dark moon) to full moon in about 28 days.  This is the same length of time for the average female to cycle from day one of her period, to the last day before her next period begins.  The moon is the governor of the water on the earth and the gravitational pull from the moon effects the tides of our oceans here on earth.  We humans are about 85-90% water, so imagine the effects that the moon has on our bodies!  Freely, fluidly flowing moon cycles and fluids (blood, cerebrospinal fluid, fluid around and inside of cells) are important to maintain the balance of movement and flow in our bodies.

Importance of Cycles

The nature of a cycle is to be circular and repeating.  We often find ourselves right where we were a month ago, or perhaps a few years ago.  This can be the cause of much frustration, especially in the healing process.  When we return to previous ailments, symptoms or emotions that we thought we had “worked through” or “released”  there is often an accompanying feeling of guilt or shame… “what am I doing wrong?”.  Well, I believe that cycles in the emotions, memories, and physical symptoms are normal and natural.  However, there is comfort that each time we re-visit a pain or an emotion, we will find new insight if we allow it.  Perhaps these cycles are intended to teach us patience in a “quick-fix” and “instant gratification” culture.

Seed Cycling

When working with hormonal imbalance on any level, it is important to begin with nourishing the body.  The body is designed to be whole and each part plays an important role.  Nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, fats, proteins, and carbohydrates provide the building blocks for the cells, organs, tissues, and fluids of the body to do their work.  Seed cycling provides a variety of fats which support the making of both Estrogen and Progesterone (major players in the female moon cycle).  Without these fatty acids, the body may not be able to produce these hormones in a balanced way.  To give seed cycling a try, you will need the following WHOLE seeds: pumpkin seeds, flax seeds, sunflower seeds, and sesame seeds.  Add these seeds to your daily oatmeal, smoothie or salad.  The key is getting whole seeds and grinding them fresh daily in a small coffee or spice grinder.

Day 1* – Day 14 (or ovulation): Use 1 Tablespoon each of raw, freshly ground flax seeds and pumpkin seeds daily.  
Day 15 – Day 28**: Use 1 Tablespoon each of raw, freshly ground sunflower seeds and sesame seeds.

*Day 1 starts when the period begins

**Day 28 OR the last day before the next period begins (For some women this is longer or shorter than 28 days).

Cheers to happy cycling!