4 Simple Healing Practices that I LOVE

I wrote about the theme of simplicity in the healing process last week and wanted to share some of my favorite, simple healing practices.  If you haven’t read the previous post, you can find it here.

1. Being in Nature: There are so many ways to be in nature, whether you like to hike, swim or simply sit in your backyard.  Since it is summer in Michigan, I have been loving trips to the beach for a quick swim or to watch the sunset.  Spending time in nature helps to orient the energetic body to the frequency of the Earth, which is calming, nourishing, and energizing.

2. Drinking Tea: The practice of drinking tea has become one of my favorite healing practices over the past few years.  Herbal infusions (commonly called “tea”) can provide a wide range of healing properties, depending on the herbs used.  Many herbs contain active compounds that are released in the steam of an herbal infusion, so it is important to inhale the steam along with drinking the tea.

3. Meditation/ Breathwork: When practiced regularly – even 5-10 minutes a day – meditation has many wonderful benefits.  It helps to strengthen the muscle of focus, it calms the nervous system, and often it offers different perspectives than we may have seen before.  Breath work or pranayama is used in Ayurveda, the ancient healing tradition in India.  You may begin to play with breathwork simply by watching your breath such as in this meditation.  Here is an article that dives more deeply into pranayama.

4. Epsom Salt or Herbal Baths: This is my go-to in the winter.  Baths are an excellent way to integrate bodywork, so I often suggest them to clients following a session.  Adding Epsom salts to the bath help soothe and release sore, tight muscles.  Herbal baths have a wide range of healing indications depending on the herbs used.  Some of my favorite infusions to add are lavender, chamomile and calendula.

What are your favorite simple healing practices?