Because I had been experiencing vertigo for about two years, and doctors (Family, ENT, Audiologist) weren't of any help, I went to a naturopath my friend sees and he referred me to Rachel as an additional avenue to wellness. I had vertigo almost every night and sometimes couldn't go to work, drive or even walk. The chiropractor had gotten me to the point where I didn't miss as much work, but it was still a part of my daily life. I was starting to think I would never feel right again. I've been seeing Rachel for about a year and I felt a difference starting with the first session and I could feel the difference if I missed a session. Rachel has such a supportive and calming presence. She is also great at listening to what I am experiencing and explaining what she is seeing and doing. Steadily I have been bothered less and less with each session. At this point, my vertigo is rare enough that it surprises me when I feel it. I finally believe that it can be beat.             



I first came to Rachel not really knowing what to expect. In fact, I had never heard of Craniosacral Therapy before. I told her that I had been struggling with daily headaches and occasional migraines for most of my life and had never really found a solution. I tried prescription medications, and that just led to other problems that required the addition of even more medication. As a 20 year old at the time, I wasn't comfortable being on so many pills…indefinitely. Rachel turned my idea of “healing” upside down. She taught me about energy, anxiety, breathing and awareness. It’s difficult to translate her work into words. Energy is it’s own language; it’s something to be felt as opposed to being explained. Rachel taught me new ways to understand my body and the many cycles that we all go through. Since seeing Rachel my headaches have been under control and I understand where my anxiety roots from. I look forward to continuing my relationship with Rachel as my Craniosacral Therapist.            

             -K. Z.


My energy is recalibrated throughout the session. After the session, it feels like everything I have been carrying is released and I feel more neutral and grounded.             



I came to Rachel for help with my breathing. I had had extensive dental work and felt like my head was jammed up. I was having trouble sleeping and felt like I couldn't breathe deeply. Rachel paid attention to my whole body. I was tired, anxious, and restless when she started. She spent a good part of the time on my head and I could feel my body relaxing. By the time she finished, I could breathe deeply with no effort and felt overall much better. I came back a few times to improve upon my condition. I am doing well now and see Rachel after every dental appointment now to make sure my breathing is not compromised.            

                -Linda S. Squires, D.C.


Despite drinking caffeine later in the day and a house full of people + many other things yesterday - I slept more soundly last night than I have in quite awhile. To have that happen without sleep aids felt rather amazing, and I know it came because of the work you did yesterday. Seriously, it gave me hope that I might actually sleep somewhat "normally" one day. So thank you for that. The work you do continues to be such a gift to me. I just want you to know how appreciated it is!



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